Retina Festival

Titulo: Surface
Formato: Instalación de video
Color / Sonido Estéreo
Duración: 16,16min

Retina is a non-profit video art festival established in Rome.
Retina offers a showcase of video art contemporary productions collected from around the world, serving as a public gateway into the ever-evolving global issues. The festival is not only a platform for showcasing video art works, but with its workshop, live performing visuals, interactive guided tours, it is also a forum for audience, artists and curators to debate and share ideas.

The virtual dimension interacts more and more with real life thanks to digital technologies, thus seems necessary to reflect on video art production as a
representative phenomenon of an evolving trend approaching global and local scale, mass production and high level of customization, political dependencycentralization processes and practices of self-sufficiency and decentralization. The aim is to screen the contemporaneous, seeking for the potential that will constitute the near future.